"But He gives more grace" James 4:6a


Kontenl (a Kontenl Solutions Inc. Store) is based in Vancouver, BC.  Proprietor:  Kelvin

Kelvin moved to Canada with his family when he was still a kid in 1991.  He received his bachelor and masters degree from the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department at UBC in 2002 and 2004.  After working for about 10 years at Nortel, Motorola and Ericsson in Canada, in 2011, feeling un-rested, he took on a 2-year international assignment in Asia, where he helped build up technical teams at Ericsson's headquarter in China.

As a pilgrim of the Christian faith, Kelvin felt compelled to build a business that is grounded in ethical business practices, and to pass along the message of grace.  During 2013-2019, he helped build up a distribution business for baby, health and fair-trade goods in Asia.  In 2020, he has repatriated back to Canada and started Kontenl to better serve Canadian and our American friends.  Kontenl's mission is to share the message of grace and giving to others.  The "Onten" refers to "One Tenth"/Tithing, the idea of giving back a portion of our blessings, or 'sharing grace'.


About Kontenl Store

Kontenl, an international online storefront, is co-operated by Kontenl Solutions Inc. (Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada) and Klau International Trade Co., Limited (based in Hong Kong).  We are an authorized distributor and online retailer for the following brands: 

  • COMFi 
  • FreeLeaf
  • I Can Breathe
  • Metocha
  • RideSafer
  • Starfish Project

We ship internationally from one of our own or partnering 3PL warehouse locations, depending on the customer's shipping location:

  • Canada (BC, AB and ON)
  • USA (Various States)
  • Hong Kong
  • Mainland China 

Any questions?  Drop us an email at order@kontenl.com 

Kelvin and his colleagues (A small team of 6) enjoy working with suppliers who also value ethics, faith and social responsibilities.  RideSafer (By Safe Traffic System Inc.), FreeLeaf, Starfish Project and COMFi, are amongst some of them.  We hope to bring more products to our global customers that are not only high quality and functional, but also with ethical business values and social responsibilities. 

Thank you for supporting small Canadian businesses like us!  Much appreciated!   Kelvin :)